Ecuador - Hernán Zúñiga


Nektar Coffee Roasters

Origin : Ecuador
Region : Pichincha, Quito district
Farm : Vista Hermosa
Cultivar : Red and yellow Caturra
Altitude : 1850m
Process : Washed, dry fermented 21h
Taste notes: Nectarine, Honey melon, Sweet

Hernán Zúñiga and family purchased 20 hectares of land in Nanegalito four decades ago. Vista Hermosa became established as a coffee farm in 2012 and four hectares of space are dedicated to coffee production. Red and yellow caturra fruit is picked between the months of July and October. Each tree is quite young at five to six years old. Coffee fruit is depulped, fermented and dried on the farm and meticulously managed by Hernán. Before parchment coffee is sent to Quito to be dry milled, parchment is dried on African style raised beds. Tools to measure coffee humidity is used to determine the appropriate dryness percentage. 

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