Mexico - Pluma Peñas Negras


Nektar Coffee Roasters

Origin : Mexico
Region : Peñas Negra, Pluma, Oaxaca
Farm : Various smallholders around the village
Cultivar : Pluma
Altitude : 1500-1800m
Process : Washed, dry fermented 12-18h
Taste notes : Almond butter, Brown sugar, Chocolate

The Peñas Negras village is located in the Pluma region, which has once been famous for its coffee in the 80s-90s. Various misfortunes, involving price falls and rust leaf diseases, then brought its production to almost a halt. A couple of years ago, a group of smallholders took things in their hands and began working the land in order to regain its potential. Growing, harvesting and processing methods have got a lot better and we can say without doubt that the result lives once again to our expectations!

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