Peru - Percy Rojas


Nektar Coffee Roasters

Origin : Peru
Region : San Ignacio, Coipa district
Farm : La Palta, Santuario Coop
Cultivar : Caturra, Bourbon
Altitude : 1971m
Process : Washed, fermented 12-25h
Taste notes: Sponge Toffee, Apple Butter, Spices

Peruvian highlands grow distinctive coffee crops due to their local microclimates and particular soil. The country's economical ressources being limited though, it's hard to find coffee that is grown for its quality and not only for the sake of volume production. Thanks to some local arrangements with coops and their producers, like the one Percy Rojas is a member of, a fine lot can be found from time to time. This is where effort and time finally pays off and the coffee can earn a higher price due to its amazing profile. 

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