Grind Size

You can select the grind size using the pop up menu under each coffee description. Here's a description for the available options :

 Sélection Description
Commercial espresso - 1.25Commercial espresso machines
Nespresso - 2Nespresso (cups)
Espresso Semi-profesional - 2.25

Espresso machines with standard portafilters. Rancilio, Gaggia, Mokita, Avanti, Rocket Appartamento, LELIT

Home espresso - 3.5

Popular espresso machines using pressure system portafilters. Saeco, Breville, Pavoni, Krups, Delonghi, Cuisinart, Fellow, Keurig. Also good for pre-grind compartment in automatic machines (ex.: Jura).

Stovetop Espresso - 4.5

Bialetti moka pots and other stove coffee makers.

Aeropress - 6.25

For Aeropress with paper or reusable filter, and also Hario V60.

Drip / Cold Brew - 8.5

For drip coffee makers, with paper or permanent filters.

Bodum / Chemex - 11

For french press coffee makers, or Chemex.

Please note that the numbers shown are a measurement specific to our commercial equipment and that you will not find the same equivalencies on your home grinder.