• How long will it take to receive my coffee ?
    • We ship twice a week:
      • Orders received between Thursday and Sunday 8PM will ship next Wednesday.
      • Orders received between Monday and Wednesday 8PM will ship next Thursday.
    • Most of the orders ship through Purolator and normally take 1-2 business days for urban areas and 3-5 days for rural areas where we use Canada Post.
  • Can I pick up and order in one of your locations ?
    • Local pickup isn't available for now. All order are shipped through Purolator or Canada Post from our roasting facility.
  • What are the shipping costs ?
    • For shipping within Quebec, the cost is $7 for all orders under $35. Free for orders of $35 and more.
    • For shipping within Canada (except Quebec), the cost is $10 for all orders under $35. Free for orders of $35 and +.
    • For shipping to the United States, the cost is calculated at checkout for all orders under $50. From $50 to $99.99, the shipping cost is $10. Free for orders of $100 and +.
    • For international orders, the cost is calculated automatically according to the destination.
    $0 - 35.00 $35.00 +
    Québec $7.00  Free
    Canada (except Québec) $10.00 Free

    0 - $50.00
    $50.00 - $99.99
    USA Calculated at checkout $10.00  Free

    Calculated at checkout

    Calculated at checkout

    Calculated at checkout


For questions regarding subscriptions, please refer to this page.

    Freshness and conservation

    • How long will my coffee stay fresh ?
      • Besides the fact that coffee can be drunk years after the roast date, we advise you to enjoy it in the first two months.
    • What is the best way to keep it fresh ?
      • Keep it in it's original bag and make sure to empty the air before closing the zip tie.
      • Avoid storing it the fridge or the freezer. Humidity and temperature changes will dull the aromas and contribute to a stale taste.
    • How fresh will be my online order ?
      • Your coffee will be particularly fresh since we roast twice a week.
      • You'll find the roast date on the back of the bag.
      • We suggest that you wait a minimum of 4 days after the roast date to enjoy all the taste and aromas of your coffee.


    • Can I order my coffee ground ? 
      • Absolutely! When you choose a coffee, you can also pick a grind option.
    • How can I chose the correct grind size for my equipment ?
      • Please see our grind guide here : "Help me choose the correct grind size"
      • If you don't find the information you need, you can specify your equipment if the Note field before checkout. If you already order and forgot to specify a grind, juste send us a message and we'll make sure everything's fine.
    • Will your grind be ok for my specific equipment ?
      • Since 2009 we tested many different grinds on multiple machines and equipments. Our guide will make sure that you'll have the best experience at home.
    • Can I have three different flavours in a current bundle?
      • Yes, we can offer you three different flavours in a bundle. To do so, you will have to add the three coffees separately to your basket by choosing your desired grind. Then use the promo code TrioMouture to get the 15% discount.

          First time

          • It's my first time here, what do you recommend ? 
            • Our «Série Origine» is great for discovering our coffees.
              • L'Ours Noir is a bold one with a strong taste.
              • La Sève is our signature blend, perfect for lattés and espresso.
              • L'Été Indien is suited for those wanting something sweet and smooth.
              • Le Draveur is for the more adventurous, with a fruity side..
            • Our «Série Récolte» gives you the opportunity to explore the best crops from a select collection of little farms or coops that we hand picked from the best.
              • These roasts are fine tuned to bring a distinctive terroir profile into each cup.
              • This is the best way to discover the large spectrum of aromas and tastes available nowadays in the coffee world.

          Sustainability and organic certifications

          • Is your coffee fair trade ?
            • We don't offer fair trade coffee because we chose a different approach : direct trade. By ensuring traceability and less intermediaries we are confident to increase the benefits to producers in terms of revenue and long term recognition. All the details are available in our coffee descriptions.
          • Is your coffee organic ?
            • Our coffees come from very small producers who can't afford international certifications, even if they don't use chemical products on their crops or soil.

          If you have any questions, please feel free to drop us a line! We'll be happy to share our knowledge and passion with you!